Perchè Trace?

Puoi lavorare come singolo, collaborare in un team o gestire nel tuo stile i gruppi di lavoro.

Trace può essere uno strumento per il professionista singolo, per gestire le relazioni lavorative quotidiane o può essere il riferimento per la collaborazione nello sviluppo di progetti o il governo delle relazioni continuative tra clienti e fornitori.
Per organizzare con semplicità le richieste e le attività, rendendo più efficiente la collaborazione senza vincoli.

Ad esempio puoi utilizzare Trace:
  • nella gestione delle richieste di assistenza (trouble ticket)
  • nella gestione delle attività (task manager) sia del singolo utente che di un gruppo di lavoro
  • nella gestione di processi non strutturati a priori per valorizzare le capacità di problem solving di ognuno dei partecipanti
  • nella gestione di processi che seguona il metodo Scrum

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Every work starts with a request.

Manage your requests better with Trace!

Trace is a platform for cooperation that connects you to the people you are working with in order to manage requests you make or receive and monitor all the deadlines without losing anything.

You can use it as a single professional, cooperate in a structured group or organize teams in your own way.

Trace is the reference tool in project development or customer/supplier relationship management.


Trace your requests

Send your requests to anyone you like and check at any time whoever takes charge of them and how they are met.

Monitor your objectives

Manage your deadlines or the ones of your team with the simplicity of a Task Manager. Your dashboard shows you clearly the current status of all requests and tasks.

Document your work

Gain expertise with experience because every completed work is saved and archived. You will be able to learn how to do it better in the future.

Involve yours customers

Trace can be used as a Trouble Ticketing. tool to respond to your customers’ requests involving them actively within an integrated system inside your organization.

Optimise your relationships

Involve your colleagues and external partners in a common place to share with them files and interact safely with your internal systems using specific apps.

Cooperate with your suppliers

Empower your suppliers and assign them tasks within your organization’s teams, involving them to the extent best suited to your objectives.

Highlight expertise

Entrust your workflow to a system designed to highlight problem-solving skills of each participant. Trace is also a Scrum tool for Agile teams.

Reduce constraints

Speed up procedures sharing requests, tasks, deadlines and documents with all your workgroup at any times.

Recognise good practices

Measure the performances of your organization with the integrated KPIs. Detect inefficient processes and recognise good pratices with a hands-on approach.

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